11 Innovative Google Authorship Profile Pictures That Will Inspire You

11 Innovative Google Authorship Profile Pictures That Will Inspire You

Google Authorship is fast becoming a necessity for all bloggers and content writers to help verify and add credibility to their work.

While the advantages of having Google Authorship approved on your blog post have already been well documented, less has been made of how exactly you can make your profile picture stand out from SERP competition.

There have been suggestions at what could make your Google Authorship unique – but what about practical examples of profile picture innovation?

Inspired about the possibility of introducing creativity to Google Authorship, here is a comprehensive look at individual Google+ users who have decided to develop an alternative approach when adopting their profile picture.

Will Hattman


While your profile picture requires a head shot in order to be verified for Google Authorship, there are no rules on associated head attire. Will Hattman is one person who appears to have taken advantage of this loophole to incorporate some funky (matter of opinion) sunglasses.

Ronnie Bincer


Not only is Ronnie Bincer treating us to a beaming smile, but he’s also managed to inform us of his expertise from the use of his background – that would be video then Ronnie?

Jamie Low


I’m not actually entirely sure what this is – but it’s different, you’ve got to admit. I’d certainly be worried if that’s the real Jamie Low photographed below.

Henrik Bondtofte


This is by no means a revolutionary technique of modifying a Google Authorship image – in fact there are plenty who are adopting the use of a circle – but I liked the contrast of the gold border with black and white image from Henrik Bondtofte, so there.

Rand Wilson


This effort from Rand Wilson is geared towards transferring the user’s attention towards the text snippet, rather than his head. Which, to be honest, is a shame. He’s got a lovely head.

Amanda Blain


If you’re circled by over 2m people then you probably know what you’re doing. Hence Amanda Blain‘s profile picture with attached border.

Didier J. MARY


Why pin yourself down to a custom background, cowboy hat or sunglasses when you have all three? Didier J. MARY certainly demonstrates that you can.

Graham Nixon


As a professional photographer, you’d expect a fresh perspective on a Google profile image from Graham Nixon. Fortunately, he delivers, by pointing at us. Good pointing, Graham.

Joost de Valk


Yoast’s Joost de Valk attempts to become an eye-catching part of the SERP with a colourful and lively background to help supplement a cheeky smile. Good stuff, Joost.

Don Power


Here is Don Power seemingly day dreaming about the possibility of getting a +1. Would I daydream about a +1? Of course not, don’t be stupid. A share? Too right!

JD Hancock


If you were hoping for some sort of impartiality on this list then prepare to be disappointed. I like this one the best, ok? So I’ve left it till last (not sure why). Good job, JD Hancock.

Inspired yet? I’m off to rue my distinctly average Google Authorship picture and attempt (fail) to come up with something as innovative and unique as the guys above.

Author Bio: Matthew Wood is writing on behalf of IT Services and Computer Support specialists The PC Support Group. Matthew hopes this post has served to inspire your creative genius and to create your own unique Google Authorship image.