3 Guest Blogging Mistakes Your Can’t Afford to Make

3 Guest Blogging Mistakes Your Can’t Afford to Make

While guest blogging is a free and highly effective way to increase visitors and subscribers on your own blog, it can be disastrous if done incorrectly, drawing negative attention to you and your work and having the opposite of the intended effect.

If you’re prepared to utilize guest blogging as a method of becoming a better known and more prolific writer, follow these three rules to avoid a faux pas that could set you back instead of ahead.

1. Writing on an unfamiliar topic.

When your moment to shine finally arrives, don’t waste it by delivering an article on anything but a topic that you know inside and out. Unfamiliarity, no matter how hard you try to hide it, makes for a shaky and sometimes difficult to read article and is unlikely to have the desired effect of convincing the members of your new audience to pay your blog a visit.

2. Choosing the wrong outlet.

While not every high profile blogger is going to accept your guest blogging proposal, don’t take “no” for an answer! Getting discouraged and settling for a site that doesn’t match your needs in traffic, topic or visibility only means that you’ll see less benefit for your efforts. Be patient, contact everyone who’s anyone in your niche and choose your article’s final destination carefully.

3. Quitting while you’re ahead.

The fun only begins once your guest blog article has been posted! Earning new visitors is one thing; retaining them as loyal, truly interested readers and subscribers is another. Take the opportunity to create new exciting content for your site and get to know your growing user base in order to ensure that you grow with it in your ability to deliver what they want to read.

So How To Do That Right?

Making your guest blogging endeavor a successful one requires that you follow best practices at every step and every turn; the potentially fantastic results will make your efforts worthwhile!

1. Choose a blog wisely.

To extract the maximum amount of benefit from your guest blogged article, take the time to identify top blogs in your niche and approach each of them with your proposal. Choose a blog that offers you the best of everything: a large readership, strong backlink possibilities and the allowance to write your topic your way.

2. Write on a catchy topic.

Depending on your niche, choosing a catchy topic could mean something based on current events, something with an edge that will stir up conversation and debate or any other number of scenarios – the important thing is that the article you write ends up being something memorable. Be sure that you know your subject well and add your own personal flair to catch the eyes and minds of your new readers.

3. Make this your best piece ever.

Assuming you’ve followed the first two steps already, you’ll find yourself in a position to reach an entirely new audience, so don’t waste the opportunity! Make your guest article one of the best you’ve ever put your hand to, ensuring that readers find it informative, enjoyable and an inspiration to find more of the same!


Guest Blogging Infographic is courtesy of MyBloGuest.com, the free community of guest bloggers.