5 Tips for Using Google Webmaster Tools

5 Tips for Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free toolset that SEO is absolutely invaluable for trouble shooting.

It’s just (just use the one that is best for you, there are a number of ways to do this) and you will have instant access to the site to verify whether the owner, is quite easy to set up your website and your search Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help to improve the abundance of useful information.

Here are five tips that will get you started:

1. Crawl stats

Crawl statistics for the last 90-day period to give information to Google’s crawling activity. If you are located in the diagnostic, click on this report, you’ll see three reports:

Pages crawled per day: Overall, it’s a good sign to see the graph going up. There are peaks and troughs, whilst a steady incline, decline or no change at all to be able to see if there is. The spikes often this is due to an increase in inbound links or the introduction of new pages.

KB Crawl every day: the graph peaks and troughs in terms of pages crawled per day, the graph should fit the graph.

Both of the above will be different from the default text editing and many peaks to not show (hopefully) probably spent downloading a page. Google should not take too long to download your pages as typical peaks on the graph may be a server problem.

These statistics are useful for gauging the performance problem diagnosis.

2. not found error

Crawl errors did not get to see very useful for usability and SEO. Browsing around the site that links to your customers and find out that you are not taking them anywhere, then they probably will not bother and go somewhere else. (Top right of the dashboard is used, that is) with the help of this tool is not available on all of your site’s URL will be marked. Sometimes these little old-fashioned, and Google may state that, to be aware of:

Do you recognize this URL’s and / or do not think they should have access, you can safely ignore this error. However, if you recognize that you Found ‘section and see a list of URL’s to crawl, we identified and fixing errors in the’ details’ column, I hope to help.

So just use the information to improve the usability of the site, GWT 0 errors do not dwell too much on the descent.

As well as leading to a 404 that links to your site, this aspect is extremely valuable for SEO is a leading 404. Out of that will show the link to the site. The existence of a real page within your site to identify and redirect those pages to pages that are not connected to your site GWT use this feature. This tactic increases the link juice and be extended to the visitors.

3. The meta description and title tags

There are problems in their title tags or meta descriptions will provide a list of URL in Google Webmaster Tools, this is akin to the list as well as the title or meta descriptions that are too long or too small to be included. To get this information into the diagnostic and HTML suggestions. Duplicate Meta Title, Google in particular, can affect your rankings and meta description for each page of your site and suddenly the CTR for each particular page should be targeted.

4. The top search queries

Google Analytics you can not get out until your top search queries, or whatever you use analysis tool, especially data as part of it for the simple reason that the average position in Google Webmaster tools like version. In this position you are able to look at the top search terms. This is helpful when deciding which keywords to push the cause, especially at this stage in the growth of traffic will increase, as well as the focus on the keywords that you want to do now 2-4.

5. Site Links

There was a list of links to your site, Google lists below, you are shown the links that control the configuration of the site can use the sitelink section. In fact, Google can not tell you which links to, but you do not want to show that a link can block.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google is often the only tool available to add new features to a few of the many tools. If you are not a regular user of GWT, then try this feature out of shape and other features of the proposal can look around. If you are a regular user of GWT, tell us your favorite features and why.