How To Make Money YouTube 

How To Make Money YouTube

How Make Money YouTube

Before getting into how YouTube King can make money for you today, let me start off by letting you know this. My name is Gary Travers and I tried for the first time last month to make money on YouTube using this system, and this system alone, and believe me it works!

Although I am no internet marketing novice, let me assure you now, that anyone, yes anyone, can use this system – its that simple and straightforward. In fact if I’m being honest with you, I am slightly ashamed, given my background, that I have not got into this sooner.

My opinion now is that YouTube is not being exploited enough by marketers, and this means that it is a prime area for any successful, cost effective marketing strategies like this one. Hey this market is virtually untapped, and that should be music to your internet marketers ears.

However I’m sure that since you are here you are in the same boat as I was a month ago, either you had never thought about making money on YouTube, or you had tried but not been too successful. Yeah I went through some of that too, but once you know the secrets of this system you will never struggle making money on YouTube ever again.

But Where to Start?

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those (sad!) people that could spend hours in front of YouTube. I love watching hilarious videos of sneezing panda’s, puppies who love to sit in their water bowls and so on, then sending these to my friends and loved ones. Chatting for hours with people you meet at work, at a bar about how funny these videos are is a great pastime, and a great way to socialise. Yeah you say, well who doesn’t love a funny or interesting video? And you would be right, and that’s the secret to learn here, you love them…, I love them…, and that means so does your neighbor, your work colleague, and about everyone else who has internet access out there loves them. Welcome to your potential customers base.

But I Don’t Know How To Make A Video?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Put simply YouTube King gives you the skills and know-how on how to find the most popular and successful YouTube videos already made, before they become the most popular and successful that is, and then gets you to use them as powerful advertising and marketing space. In other words,  you discover what videos are going to become the next ‘big thing’ then you can start promoting your own affiliate products through them.  This means your affiliate income can be MASSIVE!

But How Do I Know Which Videos This System Will Work Best With?

Don’t worry this is covered intensively in the training, and is broken down into 2 main parts.  The first is keyword research, whereby you will be trained using a ‘YouTube Keyword Technique’ to find the right keyword and then match this to the right video. The second is training in how to search for videos before they become viral. You will even also be given training on how to approach the owners of the videos using some very clever psychology techniques to encourage them to say yes to your sponsoring their videos.

How Do I Know Which Affiliate Product Will Work Best?

Again this is all covered in the step by step training guide…. you will even be told which technique makes the most money.

Let me break this down for you, out of everything I’ve learned, here are the 6 most amazing secrets I’ve discovered inside YouTube King:

  • The YouTube Keyword Technique – This is a great technique for not only finding the exact keyword to fit your market, but also by how to create a list of keywords  to widen your search.
  • How To Deal with the Owner – This one is a goody. You will learn how to use very sneaky tricks in order to get the owner of the video to agree to your sponsorship, you even get message templates to use as guides.
  • How Much To Pay – This is the one. How much to pay the owner of the video and how to send the payment.  No-one likes talking money, and this can be a tricky area if not dealt with correctly.
  • Tracking Videos – Not much of a analyst? No worries, you will be shown how to track videos to see what’s performing and what isn’t.
  • YouTube Like Technique – I can’t reveal anything about this one…let’s just say when you learn something like this …it stays with you for life. Use this technique CAREFULLY it’s power is immense.

And of course my personal favorite – How to find the most popular videos before anyone else does.

This one was the most important things I’ve learned because I struggled with this the most. Finding the right videos really is the key to it all and the start of the process, which of course, needs to be got right before you can implement the other secrets you will discover inside YouTube King.

The video training really guides you, step by step, on how to go about getting successful results and making money. I used to feel a bit lost with Youtube in knowing what approach to take to make money with it. However once I was done with the video, I was confident that I could easily make pots of money using this system if I applied the techniques I had learnt.

Paul McGregor is the author of this training and he is the perfect person for you to listen too.   He went from 27 visitors to 714 visitor to his site in one day following these techniques.  These techniques have generated the majority of his traffic and income for the past year.  Paul pulls no punches…he tells you straight from the off that he made some humdingers and lost a lot of money, and wasted endless time on YouTube.  But because of this, he now knows what works and what doesn’t, what will make you money and get you traffic, and what won’t.  He repeatedly stresses that he’s tested all the methodology and knows what will lose money and what will work.