SEO Tips for Travel Website

SEO Tips for Travel Website

Being in the SEO industry for couple of years now, I have encountered many travelwebsites that are spending handsome amount of money to be found on the online/digital medium. SEO or digital marketing seems to be the ultimate answer for them but the real problem is all highly traffic terms related to this niche have been already hijacked by BIG giants and there is very less space left for small and new business owners to get business love from search engine.

Although this is a bitter reality, that giants have almost eaten all top spots for the big and high traffic keywords in SERPs. However, saying that there is no more chance for small and new peeps is just not true. Here are top 5 ways to get a sure success and gain more branding, leads and conversions.

1. Get Local

Find the area in your niche where big giants cannot get in and let me tell you that local is the best playground for you. They might be busy competing with each other on high traffic driving keywords, but you as a new or small travel website can get customer by earning the local traffic.

You might receive low traffic as compared to them but your bounce rate will also be much lower than theirs, and you will be able to get good clients within less time. Local is usually less competitive with low search volume but most of the times the rate of conversion is very high as compared to head terms.

2. Image SEO

You know you have less chances of making mistakes, so try to keep your eyes open and focus on every possible area that can help you get more traffic that can eventually convert in to leads and sales. Image SEO is one of the neglected areas by most of the small and mid size travel websites. Try to focus on image optimization and include proper names and Alt tags on images.

Proper Optimization for Images will help you cater the traffic from image search engine for the desired terms. Having high quality images on the travel website is common but making them search engine friendly can actually get you more traffic. Also, in most cases search engine result page shows relevant images above the fold so there are more chances to get more traffic and leads through this.

3. Videos

The giants in the industry can hijack but there is still enough space available on, which is in a way considered the most traffic-gaining place after Google. The other reason why I think it is important to have a properly optimized video is because, Google not only crawl videos but also show them up in search results with other form of content.

Try to strengthen the videos and make a video sitemap for Google so that search engine can easily crawl and index the videos accordingly.

4.  Content SEO

Content is King and we all know it. Google is working hard to outrank thin and duplicated content from the search. Thus, if you can produce a content that can engage your audience and link to it, you are just a few steps away from creating a win win situation for yourself.

Along with creating engaging content to target audience, work to build a strong community this will help you in multiple ways and at the same time, it will get you some good links. With the high-quality content and decent links will you can conveniently get better rankings in SERPs for many valuable keywords.

5. Social Media Optimization

I strongly disagree from people who think social media and SEO are two different playgrounds. In my opinion, social media is a greater part of SEO and can seriously help you cater more trusted traffic then Google and any other search engine.

Social Media allow you to earn your audiences instead of clients and help you establish your brand along with hard sales.

Try to offer something valuable for your audience and engage them with the brand to increase the word of mouth. Word of mouth will help you get more attention, traffic and eventually leads for your business.

Some of the powerful Social Media platforms for travel websites are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Trip it
  • Virtual Tourist

Bonus tip!

Giants may be on the top of the Google for your desired keywords but Google is a common search engine. The idea is to rank in travel based search engines, it will help you get targeted traffic that can easily convert into leads and sales.


It is difficult to out rank giants and old aged travel websites for the competitive key phrases but ‘I quit’ is not a positive approach to it. Try to find the areas where giants are not present and grab traffic from there.