Spam Links and Methods to Prevent Backlink Spam

Spam Links and Methods to Prevent Backlink Spam

Do links from low quality sites affect your quality and search engine rankings? If you are exchanging links or spamming links blatantly with these low quality sites, you should read and act now…

The reality of the Vietnamese web village, especially forums, is that there is a burning problem that is spam link rampant with a series of software such as Forum Poster, Mass Forum Poster … and even with poster. The forum administrators themselves are not happy with such actions. But even for the poster, do not think about the unpredictable consequences from it… Links from low-quality websites are sometimes a poison that drags down the quality of your website, this is unknown to many of you. believe it or not. But I remember correctly, in the battle at the SEO Idol 2011 contest, it is possible that many websites were played by direct competitors in the form of backlinks from sites with bad content (scam, site content frame, backlinks). hidden sites, sites with depraved content…) for the purpose of detriment to the site where the backlink is located.

What to do against bad links?

With a huge amount of backlinks built during the life of your website, it can be difficult for you to figure out which links are bad and which are good because your testability is almost nil. body. For example, one of your competitors can “play” you in many ways such as placing your link on a content farm website (like I said above), or a website located in the blocked IP range. Google blacklists, in addition, they can also spam emails with content containing links to your website… These are all aimed at causing a “bad reputation” for your website, thereby contributing to the loss of images. yours in the eyes of search engines.

In this case, you can do a few small things:

1. Calm down, relax and let it go

Links (backlinks) are an important factor in the search engine’s website quality evaluation algorithm. But that doesn’t mean it’s all in the algorithm! Everyone has a bad side, a good side, and search engines are smart enough to judge themselves objectively and properly. There are 100 people who say bad things about your website, but if you have 1000 people who appreciate your website, the number of 100 people cannot cover the 1000 plus points.

Here, what you need to do is try to optimize the website and other factors that affect ranking such as content factors, URL structure or the level of keywords in the content and other factors.

As for what people do, you can wear them.

2. Suggest to remove the link

Try contacting webmasters who own low-quality websites that are linking to your website and ask them to remove your links from their websites. Usually, webmasters don’t spontaneously link to you if they don’t get something. Most of the “involuntary” links are due to their website being hacked and then having backlinks inserted for the purpose of sabotaging competitors. So, if you ask to remove the link, the administrator will happily do it.

What if the administrator intentionally puts a backlink for you?

In this case you can still save the situation if you want by blocking references from these websites with .htaccess with a few lines of command as follows:

RewriteEngine on

# Options +FollowSymlinks

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} badsite\.com [NC]

RewriteRule .* – [F]

3. Spend time developing user value

As I said above, backlink is an important factor but by no means the only factor that is considered important. There are many other factors that are also very important for ranking such as Page per visit, time on site, bound rate… These values come from the content and quality of your website and cannot be influenced by others.

Instead of finding ways to block bad backlinks, that time you can think about how to develop website content that will be much more profitable.


Google understands that you can’t influence all the links pointing to you, low quality links coming from low quality websites – may not outperform Google rankings among other factors. And those low links, can be ignored by Google in its link evaluation algorithm.

For that reason, you don’t need to worry too much when you discover some bad links appear. Your job is to focus on building content and developing your website well enough, you should forget about it.

As for the link spam experts, I think you should also take the time to evaluate the quality of the website before you decide to spam backlinks to that website. Maybe it won’t bring you any benefit, but it will also waste your time. For me, high quality sites usually don’t allow you to spam like that and they will immediately remove your link.