Top 7 Link Building Strategies for New Sites

Top 7 Link Building Strategies for New Sites

Building links to a new website is never easy. It requires a lot of dedication to increase the website’s visibility to quality links. So how do you go about building links to a brand new site? Let’s take a look at some of the effective linking strategies to help you accomplish this.

1. Using your own personal network

Getting links from family, friends, colleagues and clients with online presence is one very accepted way of beginning link building campaign. All you have to do is call up or email your family and friends and ask them to put a link to your new site on theirs. Tell them, how important it is to build links and they will certainly ask for a link on your website as well. Since you have already fostered a relationship with your family and friends, they will probably voice their support for you in their own websites. You can try the same strategy with other social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.

2. Getting people to see and read your content

People are able to link to your content only if they find it in the first place. To achieve this, you need to create unique and interesting content. Avoid from writing monster paragraphs, instead, split them into smaller pieces. Make sure your content is free from grammar and spelling mistakes. Get your content translated to local languages so that your potential linkers who don’t speak English will find it easy to read. This strategy increases both readability and linkability.

3. Give and connect with bloggers

You would be surprised to know that each one of us has been gifted with talents that are helpful to others. For instance, you can help a charity in designing their website or helping them financially. In exchange, you can request and get a link to your website from theirs.

4. Helping Webmasters

One of the best link building strategies is helping out webmasters. By doing them a favor, you’re more likely to get a link. For instance, you can look for grammar and spelling mistakes, notify the webmasters and request for a link on a relevant page. If an article is missing some information or needs to be elaborated, you can reach out to the webmaster and ask if you could fill those details.

5. Link attraction

Sometimes you have to create content that naturally attracts links. This saves you time getting them manually and drives the traffic to your blog. If there’s controversy in your industry, don’t hesitate to write up a post on the opposing view. If you work it out quickly and many of them agree with you, you are a top blogger attracting links from your supporters.

6. Local newspapers

You can contribute, curate and add insight to online newspapers on a regular basis. This helps you in creating awareness about your company and drive traffic to your website.

7. Write an Article and Submit to Online Directories

Creating unique articles and submitting them to online directories is a great way to increase your website links. But make sure to submit to reputable directories that are specific to your business. After submitting, you have to fill out all the details that they ask for in the author resource or bio box at the end of the article. Thus submitting to online directories helps in far greater linkage and a better reach to the target audience.