What is sitemap? Why does seo website need sitemap?

What is sitemap? Why does seo website need sitemap?

A sitemap is a list of all the information items on your website with a brief description of those items. Should be used easily in performing quick searches to find the required information as well as in navigating through the links on your website. Sitemap should be the most perfect map of the website.

For doing seo website, Sitemap is necessary for your website to achieve a high position in the search systems, because the search systems give a very high rating to the site having a good sitemap. navigate to the website.

A sitemap should include the following:

  • A short site footnote, using basic keywords in the text links that lead to the main pages of the standard navigation
  • panel on your site (this table also contains many keywords) where all the other links connect. to all pages on the website.
  • A good site map should lead to every location on the website. This way you will get great priority while searching the system.

Important tips when creating sitemaps

A sitemap should correspond to the design of the website. Let’s start from the common sense, as mentioned in any other similar document, that a site map does not give your site a full assessment of its attractiveness, but even the opposite. can frighten users.
Graphical elements should not be used while creating a site map. Recently, most users surf the Web to pages on the Internet in the mode of blocking graphics. For this reason, the presence of graphics as navigational elements on your site map will not be considered very helpful, as they will not work for all users, and the map will not work. just an unsuccessful expression of your creation. So, ideally, a site map should look the same in all browsers when people visit the web.

The structure of the diagram should correlate with the web’s own hierarchy. Because of the structure of a sitemap, headings and lists should be used. Tables should not be used for the schematic structure as it makes the process much more difficult.
The link to the sitemap should be placed on the main page or front page of the site or in some similar way so that it can be easily accessed by the user when needed. So that users will not stop for a second to think about what they should do, when they do not know what else to do after accessing your website.
Instructions for creating sitemap

There are many ways and software to support creating a sitemap for a new website, I would like to show you a very effective way to create it directly online and many SEO experts have used it.

Step 1: Go to the website address: http://www.xml-sitemaps.com

Enter your website domain: Starting URL (note the link to the website to be created)
Select the parameter as daily, weekly…in the box Change frequency
At Priority: you have 2 options to set it up automatically or set it up manually. (auto makes it fast)
Click: Start

Wait for it to finish running, very quickly if your website is simple and has few pages and vice versa. When finished, you will receive a list of sitemap files, but you only need to pay attention to the following 4 files: sitemap.xml, ror.xml, sitemap.html and urllist.txt

Step 2: Download the 4 files above to your computer.

– Using Em Editor, Notepad++ open the sitemap.xml file to set the Priority parameters for the urls as you like.

Note this part: Priority parameter specifies the importance of urls for your website, if any Url is important, give it a higher score, the highest is 1.0 and the lowest is 0.10